Gwen's Success - a Patient Victory Story from Providence Brain and Spine Institute

July 2, 2018 Nora Perry

Tune in for regular updates in our series of uplifting stories about patients who received great care and had great outcomes.  We are proud to help them get back to what's possible!

Gwen is a busy working mom of two in her early forties.  She is young, and healthy, and definitely not the first person you'd think would have a stroke.  But that's just what happened one day when she was at work and, thanks to a coworker who knew to BE FAST, Gwen got great care at Samaritan Albany General Hospital with support from Providence Stroke Center.  She is recovering well and working with her care team to prevent another stroke in the future.  Read her story here.


Photo credit: Amanda Loman, Albany Democrat-Herald

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